Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter by Capcom!

Capcom Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is the fourth Marvel Comics-licensed fighting game produced by Capcom.

Capcoms famous Street Fighter Series of Games
Capcoms famous Street Fighter Series of Games

The game uses the same tag-team format previously employed in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. In addition to all the features introduced, the player can now summon their partner to perform one of their special moves without changing their currently-controlled character.

Most of the Street Fighter characters from the previous game returned, with the exception of Cammy and Charlie, who are replaced by Dan and Sakura. However, all of the X-Men characters from the previous game (with the exception of Cyclops and Wolverine) are replaced with characters from Marvel Super Heroes (and Omega Red from X-Men).

Single-player mode consists of matches against other tag-teams and a two-on-one fight against Apocalypse. However, the match against the player’s default character and his partner is replaced with another two-on-one match, this time against a cyborg version of Akuma. The character who deals the finishing blow to Cyber-Akuma will have their ending played.

Super Heroe Characters:
Blackhearts Marvel super heroes
Captain America Marcel Super Heroes
Cyclops X-Men Children of Atom
Hulk Marvel Super Heroes
Omega Red X-Men Children of Atom
Shame-Gorath Marvel Super Heroes
Spider Man Marvel Super Heroes
Wolverine X-Men Children of Atom

Street fighter Characters
Akumal Steetfighter II Turbo
Chun Li Street Fighter II
Dan Street Fighter Alpha Warriors Dreams
Dhalsim Street Fighter II
Ken Street Fighter
M.Bison Street Fighter II
Rye Street Fighter
Sakura Street fighter Alpha 2
Zangief Street fighter II

Boss Characters
US Aent
Armoured Spider Man

Street Fighter Boss Characters
Mech Zangief
Dark Sakura

Also in the game there is a Japanese exclusive character called NORIMARO

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