Donkey Kong 1981

Donkey Kong is a popular character, he has appeared in many video games.

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Donkey Kong was Mario’s first opponent in the game of the same name, Nintendo’s popular 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong.

Since then he has starred in his own series of games, starting with 1994’s Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System “Review coming soon”, and remains an important character in the spin-off games of the Mario series.

The game is divided into four different single-screen stages. Each represents 25 meters of the structure Donkey Kong has climbed, one stage being 25 meters higher than the previous. The final stage occurs at 100 meters.

Stage one involves Mario scaling a construction site made of crooked girders and ladders while jumping over or hammering barrels and oil barrels tossed by Donkey Kong.

Stage two involves climbing a five-story structure of conveyor belts, each of which transports cement pans.

The third stage involves the player riding elevators while avoiding bouncing springs.

The final stage involves Mario removing eight rivets which support Donkey Kong. Removing the final rivet causes Donkey Kong to fall and the hero to be reunited with Princess. These four stages combine to form a level.

Upon completion of the fourth stage, the level then increments, and the game repeats the stages with progressive difficulty. For example, Donkey Kong begins to hurl barrels faster and sometimes diagonally, and fireballs get speedier.
The victory music alternates between levels 1 and 2.
The same stages continue to loop until level 22, commonly referred to as the Kill Screen, where a bug in the timer causes Mario to die after only a few seconds.

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