Vanuatus Jungle ZipLine

Check this one out!


Watch Elijah zip through the Vanuatu jungle! A must do attraction and we had loads of fun making the video.

Thanks to the Vanuatu Zipline team for making it such a fab experience for not just Elijah but for all of us.

Vanuatu Jungle Zipline is one of Vanuatu’s best outdoor activities as rated by Trip Advisor.
Soar through the canopy of the Vanuatu jungle and over canyons, while marvelling at the amazing views over Mele Bay.
Suitable for all ages in rain or shine, Vanuatu Jungle Zipline is the best tourism activity to do in Port Vila.

You and the whole family will have a great time and make some great memories.

Safety First
From the very beginning right up until the very end of the zipline, you remain continuously connected to the safety line. There is no unclipping at all. We call it a continuous belay and it means you are safe.

Regardless of Weather
Rain, shine or snow (well maybe no snow in Vanuatu), you can enjoy the fun that Vanuatu Jungle Zipline has to offer. A must do attraction if your in Port Villa!

While doing the Zipline, Elijah was very lucky to have had the opportunity to hold the Queens Baton for the Commonwealth Games.

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