AMG C63S Mercedes Review, this is an amazing car

AMG C63S Mercedes Review The Garage TV

The all new AMG C63S, wow! what a power house and just amazing all round car. Mercedes along with AMG have really got the perfect car here.
4L biturbo V8, producing a massive 375kw! yup thats over 510HP

The Amg C63s takes a power of beating and, for me, Stomps all over the M3/M4 and the Audi RS4.

The new-age C63S has put a end to the previous 6.2-litre V8 in favour of a 4.0, making it over 30% cheaper to run, though no one really cares about the cost of fuel when you buy this beast of car.

This Review is fun and gets straight to the point as to why you would want one, it has all the power needed to pump out 0-100km/p in only 3.9 seconds and you will see some great pictures of external and internal of the vehicle.

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